Professional Selection, Recruitment, Training & Retention Services

Delivering brighter Recruitment Solutions for your Business

Shine People Solutions is a professional recruitment firm which not only offers Recruitment services, but also offers a suite of Selection, Retention, and Training services providing a holistic solution for attracting, and then retaining the best team members for your organisation.

Recruitment & Selection Services

​From a Recruitment perspective, we not only offer traditional End-to-End Recruitment, but also the sum of its parts as an extension to help out your in-house HR team when they are overloaded, or require specialist help.

Staff Retention & Training

Research by noted management experts, shows that organisations that invest in up-skilling their employees through Professional Development, experience a significant increase in productivity, which delivers considerably higher organisational performance.

Happy, well-trained, and engaged Employees take fewer sick days, and are less likely to look for a job elsewhere, which means you can focus your time, energy and budget on developing a high performing team.

Our Recruitment Fees

Ranging from 12-20% of Salary Package, our rates are highly competitive.  Rates vary according to the volume of work, type of organisation, and position level.

We operate on a fee for placement model.  No placement means no cost to you.  Put simply, if we don’t find the right person for you – it doesn’t cost you a cent!

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by using Shine People Solutions.


If you don't hire one of our candidates, there is no cost to you.  Give us a try.

Looking for Cultural Awareness Training?

We have a range of Cultural Awareness delivery methods - just because COVID-19 is keeping us apart, doesn't' mean we can't stay connected and continue our learning journey. 

Some of the many clients we've helped over the years...