Recruitment in Regional Australia

Recruiting for a regional or remote area of Australia has a specific set of challenges dependant on the location. In many cases, there is limited access to suitably experienced candidates within the local community, and therefore, the need to attract new people to the area is essential.  We specialise in attracting candidates for the community who are not only willing to relocate for the right opportunity, but bring with them outside experiences.  The team at Shine People Solutions have had a successful track record in placing people in regional and remote areas of Australia.  In doing so we have facilitated over 100 placements of candidates sourced across the nation.  We have placed candidates in the following areas; North QLD; North West NSW; across NT; Kimberly’s WA, Pilbara region WA and many others.

Success in facilitating relocations

The success of the Shine People Solutions team in facilitating such a high number of candidate relocations is attributed to a number of significant factors:

  • We maintain a well-developed network of passive candidates who are willing to relocate for the right opportunity.
  • Thoroughly research a region to ascertain key information.  Such as; housing access and costs, recreational activities, access to education and health facilities and employment opportunities.
  • Conduct targeted advertising campaigns.  Representing the employer and their key points of difference, along with the positive attributes of the specific region.
  • Involve the candidate’s family in the interview process.  Understanding the motivation behind the move is key to matching the location with the family’s interests.
  • Provide honest and thorough information regarding the region.

Shine People Solutions has an extensive database of candidates at all levels (Executive, Senior Management, Middle Management and Frontline Service Delivery staff) who are open to relocating for the right opportunity.