Indigenous Professional Recruitment

Shine People Solutions is the Indigenous Professional recruiter of choice.  A place where Indigenous professionals and white-collar workers come to advance their careers.  For Employers, this provides you with the opportunity to find incredible team members, who also happen to be Indigenous.  In 2021, both Rio Tinto and Google approached us to partner with them in finding exceptional Indigenous team members.  For Rio Tinto, it is part of a huge investment to significantly increase the number of senior Indigenous leaders in the organisation.  By June 2022, we had already helped them find more than 15 outstanding senior team members, and it is still early stages of the multi-year program.  The due diligence has already been done.  Contact us to see how we can help you too. 

For Employers

How do you find suitably qualified and experienced Indigenous staff?  How can Indigenous employees assist your business in profitable diversity?

This is where Shine’s networks, unconventional search methods, and reputation is so important for you.  Not only do we have an extensive database of non-indigenous candidates, but we have an ever-growing list of professional, Indigenous candidates.  As of June 2022, this network exceeds 5,200 people – which equates to approximately 5% of all Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander professionals and white-collar workers in the country.  No other company has a similar network remotely close to this.

Our Indigenous candidates are not looking to be employed because they are Indigenous, rather because they are qualified and experienced and happen to be Indigenous.

Benefits for Employers

  • Assist in meeting your Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) goals by utilising an Indigenous business in your Supply Chain.
  • Assist in meeting your RAP goals by increasing the number of Indigenous employees in your business.
  • Increase the number of Indigenous team members at the leadership and executive levels of your organisation.
  • Indigenous retention rates are much higher if there are Indigenous people at all levels of the organisation, not just on the front line.
  • You will be assisting in the growth and success of an Indigenous-owned and operated, small business.
  • Finally, utilising our services assists you in meeting the requirements of any State or Federal Government Indigenous Procurement PolicySee here for more information.

For Indigenous Candidates

As a candidate speaking with us, you know you are talking with Mob who have your back.  We do business the Black way, relationships first.  We don’t treat you like a number.  Without a meaningful relationship, how could we help you with support and advice throughout your career?  We look not just to this job you might be interested in, but your 3rd, 4th and 5th job down the track.

We understand the adversity and biases that some Indigenous workers face, and can help guide you through the landscape and point out which organisations aren’t as Culturally safe as others, which might be doing things purely to tick a box.  We refuse to help those organisations until they can demonstrate to us that they are doing things for the right reason, and not just ticking that box.

We have relationships with many of the largest companies in Australia.  We can introduce you to Businesses that have made commitments to meeting their RAP.  If they can employ qualified and/or experienced people who happen to identify as Indigenous, that is a bonus for them.  Furthermore, being introduced by us might just be the advantage you need to secure an interview at that National or multi-National company you have always wanted to work for.

Whether you are looking for Capital city roles or Regional or Remote postings, we have clients spanning the country.