Indigenous Talent Map

Talent Map for Targeted Recruitment and RAPs

With many employers choosing to include targeted recruitment strategies in an Indigenous Engagement Strategy, or as part of their Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), Shine People Solutions can help by conducting a thorough analysis of the potential, Professional talent, who may be available to help achieve this target.

Commissioning Shine People Solutions to conduct a Talent Map Audit for your business, will provide you with the basis to develop a business case for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment within your organisation.

How we Create your individual Indigenous Talent Map

Once engaged, we start by examining the specific business areas of your organisation, along with the hierarchal structure, and develop a grouping list of qualifications.  We then process this information against our network of more than 5,200 Indigenous professionals.  A report is written which provides a breakdown of the potential size of the Indigenous Talent pool, for each individual area of your business.  Our sample size is substantial enough to then extrapolate this out to the wider, Indigenous professional community to provide a realistic view of potential talent to draw upon.

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Background and Motivation

Shine People Solutions has been growing and developing our Indigenous network since the business started in 2009.  In 2015, Shine People Solutions became Supply Nation Certified (majority Indigenous-owned and operated), and decided to actively recruit for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Professionals and white-collar workers.  As of June 2022 we have identified more than 5,200 Indigenous Professionals, and our network is growing daily.

At the time of gaining Supply Nation Certification, there were (and still are) many recruiters working in the temp and blue-collar fields (who may have also done a little in the white-collar space), but none who were focussing solely on this area.  Of those who were dabbling in the white-collar space, none were focused solely on the plight of Senior Indigenous Professionals.

After seeing this, we knew we had to act.

- There was a gap in the market

- Indigenous Professionals needed someone to help them be seen, to advocate for them.

- Someone to put them in the mix so they could demonstrate their capabilities.

Since that time, we have been advocating for just that.  Our Indigenous Candidates are now smashing through the Black Ceiling and progressing upwards in their careers and into senior and executive management.

This was progressing slowly at first, but gradually growing.  However, since the Black Lives Matter movement started, and the spotlight turned again to the unequal treatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia, there has been a significant increase in Organisations focusing on the targeted recruitment of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander team members.

The problem here is, that the pool of Indigenous Professionals is both;

  1. tiny compared to the rest of the population, and
  2. hidden amongst the rest of the population from a searching perspective.

We can solve this problem for you.

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