Phone Screening Service

Conducting a phone screening call is an effective way to initially identify the candidates who may be the right fit for the job and the organisation. With our flexible recruitment model, you can add this service on to our other services, or simply outsource this part of your internal recruitment process at any time.


  • A phone screening template is developed in line with the position description and job brief.
  • Each candidate is contacted via phone by one of Shine Recruitment’s experienced team members, acting on behalf of your company.
  • The completed phone screening reports are forwarded to you.


  1. No phone-tag. We take care of the time consuming task of actually getting hold of each candidate.
  2. Saves you time as you only review candidates who are suitable to progress to the interview stage. As may have experienced, what is stated on a Resume doesn’t always reflect reality.
  3. Your HR and Hiring Managers can focus on the interviewing and selection and onboarding.

$99 per Candidate